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It's October 31st and Welma the Witch does not want her favorite holiday of the year to end. She rushes to her spell book to see what she could do to extend Halloween to one more day titled October 32nd. 

She finds this magical spell that only calls for three ingredients: melted ear wax from the fattest pussy cat, the spit from a haunted ghost, and of course pumpkins. Welma must travel around the graveyard behind her cottage to be able to collect all the needed ingredients to ensure that she can celebrate Halloween one more time before the new year. 

October 32nd is placed in a graveyard setting to add to the spooky theme.  She stumbles into the graveyards's old shack and the broken down church in order to find all of her ingredients. Being the clumsy witch Welma is, she ends up dropping all her ingredients all over the yard. 

Can you help Welma gain all her ingredients in order to create her spell? Find out by playing October 32nd!

Links to assets I used for this project:

This provided me with the Halloween themes: broomstick, pumpkins, potions

This provided my night sky.

This allowed me to have the church model and materials

This allowed me to have the shack model and materials

This provided me with the graveyard items needed.

This allowed me to have the grass textures.

Mechanics Code created by Michael baker

Install instructions

No outside resources necessary for downloading and playing builds.


Window Build 138 MB
Macbook Build 69 MB

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